The Lake of Stars

  • French


The idea is to place the public is active discovery situation: teach them to locate the main constellations and stars in the sky (using a map) as well as the visible planets of the solar system, also teach him to point a few easy objects to binoculars (nebulae, star clusters, galaxies), to teach him finally to conceptualize the fantastic dimensions of the Universe by the contribution of mental models simple to visualize so that he becomes able in his turn to show and explain the starry sky to his family, his friends, his neighbors… In short, transform the space of one evening an improbable beach of Lake Cavayère into a natural planetarium and offer a few dozen privileged a fantastic journey in space and time!

To know

  • Remember to cover yourself and bring a flashlight (preferably red).
  • You can also bring your observation binoculars if you have them
  • If the weather conditions do not allow optimal observation of the sky, possibility to postpone the Workshop by a week or two (non-refundable booking fee)
  • Only in French

  • Language :
    • French
  • Duration :
    • 1 h
  • From :
    • 6 years old
  • The Little Extra :
    • Educational



Lac de la Cavayère
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 43.18302
Longitude : 2.41436